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Virtual Command Center (Web-based Portal)

CrisisDriver provides you with a command center and administrative portal to manage all aspects of your crisis and incident response mobile system.  The command center houses an incident dialog screen where key information is kept in one place, allowing you and your crisis team to act as a knowledge and communication base.  The administrative website, on the other hand, controls your application preferences, like creating contact groups, site locations, and even customizing your incident response plan (i.e. crisis communication plan) to meet your organizational requirements.  

Site Location Setup:  Manage each site location (HQ, projects, regional offices, etc.) including its own contacts, documents, incident response steps, etc.  Active directory integration sign-in available as an option.

Contact Management:  Easily import and manage internal and external contacts in seconds.

Customizable Incident Response Protocols: Customize your step-by-step set of incident response instructions. Tailor to your specific plan or needs. Included pre-loaded default steps include many industry-specific steps and actions based on 20+ years of crisis communications experience. Or add your own plan!

Document Management:  Create unlimited folders to organize your documents for quick review in a crisis.

Incident Data:  Analyze and export incident data by site location, type, severity, and time period. Perfect to measure safety issues and near misses!

Admin Management:  Create and assign an unlimited number of admins to help manage each site’s content.

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