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Incident Alerts and Response

(Mobile Application)

CrisisDriver's iOS and Android mobile application provides your team with "at fingertips access" to an intuitive and comprehensive crisis communications and incident response system. 

Prioritized Incident Alerts. Notifications (text, email, push notification, and voice alerts) are prioritized by severity and sent to the right people on your team.

Group Notifications (Reverse 911). Send text, email and voice notifications to groups of people (owner reps, neighbors, employees, customers, partners, etc.)

Secure Communications. All Crisis Team communications are contained within the App. Know exactly what’s being said & by whom.

Step-by-Step Incident Response. Customizable action steps put your emergency response plans at your fingertips.

In-App Access to Key Information. Quickly contact key internal and external contacts, view documents, how-to’s, and more.

Media Monitoring. Discover what others are saying about your incident and quickly correct misinformation.

Incident Response Knowledgebase. Tips, articles, videos and step-by-step instructions are included for quick reference before or during a crisis.

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