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A Sustainable Solution for Incident Response has Arrived!

CrisisDriver - Incident Reporting System is now available in the most complete and easy-to-use mobile application ever.

Incident response and crisis communication go hand-in-hand. In the event of an adverse situation (e.g. manufacturing explosion) incident response will govern how your organization addresses and manages the negative event while crisis communication will dictate the flow of information both internally and externally. Both disciplines are equally important to an organization and its profitability and reputation. Therefore, strategies, tools, and detailed procedures are essential for proper crisis mitigation.

The Current Situation

The pitfall of many organizations/companies is overemphasizing incident response to the neglect of crisis communication. For instance, emergency notifications to regulatory agencies (e.g. fire department) and affected employees can oftentimes summarize an organizations crisis communication attempts. Companies that are more progressive may even have a dedicated plan. Yet, these are usually hard copies, are hard to find, and are rarely updated.

The Outcome

Unfortunately, the situation concerning crisis communication only becomes apparent when either a negative event occurs, or a drill takes place. I would like to focus on the latter. In our experience as incident response and crisis communication experts, we have conducted hundreds of on-site company drills. The outcome is almost always the same: the initial alert notification is rarely received by key management which delays mobilization of the crisis team which inevitably sets off panic. Of course there are exceptions. More proactive companies may have adequate internal notification procedures in-place but without an updated or readily available action plan. The result is a crisis team without actionable steps/direction which creates chaos.

The Solution

CrisisDriver is a unique software solution and mobile application that solves multiple problems with incident response and crisis communication at today’s companies. A robust company administrative portal allows administrators the ability to manage not only users, and notification distribution, but also the crisis plan itself. Moreover, it allows for multiple contact groups, site locations, and unique site specific crisis plans.

The mobile application, on the other hand, keeps everyone on the same page. With this application you not only receive alert notifications, but also have direct access to your crisis communication plan. Crisis team members may even communicate with each other using a one document feature so all incoming information is captured in one place.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of CrisisDriver, though, is its built-in proprietary battle tested crisis communication default plan. Most companies, as noted, struggle to even have a plan. Yet, with CrisisDriver you have a proven plan that any company can integrate immediately into their organization and instantly have a way to navigate a crisis event. Of course, all things with CrisisDriver are editable. So, even your crisis communication plan may be changed to fit your requirements.

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